Today 80% of health problems are largely preventable through daily physical movement and proper nutrition, therefore, I was developed with the goal of demonstrating the uses and power of Visual Machine Learning on exercise and fitness. I hope you enjoy the experience and discover how exercise can change your day-to-day for the better.

Focused on Progress
At Fittr we undestand the effect that targets and realistic goals can have on our progress. Therefore, our approach is 100% goal based but whilst ensuring we still remain kind and relaxed with our bodies.
Revolutionary Tech
Fittr is a Machine Learning model that is hosted directly on your browser! We are excited to see our project continue to develop and discover how else we can apply similar technologies in our day-to-day activities.
Secure & Private
We are advocates of a secure and private web, therefore Fittr ensures your video data never leaves your laptop, and the data that you do decide to share with us is never shared or sold to 3rd parties.